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Every entrepreneur or company needs employees to operate efficiently and should grow sooner or later. When hiring employees an entrepreneur or company will be confronted with labor issues relating to Labor Law. On the other hand almost everyone who is active economically does such on the basis of a labor agreement.

Our attorneys for years have been widely regarded in the local communities as the specialists of Labor Law. We advise corporate clients in particular on negotiations with trade unions, the interpretation of collective labor agreements, statutory rules on mass redundancy or reorganizations, redundancy payments, statutory rules on individual dismissals, and with drafting employment contracts. When the client is an employee, we assist with negotiations of the employment agreements as well as in situations where a conflict has arisen between the employee and the employer.

Litigation in this area, including dismissal and dissolution procedures, is an essential part of the Labor Practice. 

For many of the jurisdictions we also assist in the obtaining of work and residency permits as well as lead the disputes when such a request is denied.